Unnatural Selection (album segue)

We’ve just uploaded a seven minute romp through the new album ‘Unnatural Selection’, featuring micro snippets from all of the tracks on the album.
Have more fun than you ever imagined it was possible to have EVER by trying to match the extracts to the tracks on the album! In fact, why not invite friends, family and neighbours round for a laughter-packed evening of Nonstop Tango Aural Snap?
We’re so confident that you’re going to love playing Nonstop Tango Aural Snap that we’ve not only made the segue FREE TO DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud, but, below that, we’ve also prepared some tasty ideas for finger foods that you can enjoy whilst playing.


Serving suggestion: why not hire our silver service-trained waiters, Christopher & Malcolm, to serve you guests, so that you don’t miss any of the Nonstop Tango Aural Snap fun….?

Horrible food

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