Unnatural Selection CD

Here is is; ‘Unnatural Selection’


‘Unnatural Selection’ costs 10 of your English pounds sterling, plus a very light dusting of silver coin to cover the cost of putting it in a smart little bubble-wrap envelope, walking it down to the Post Office and having it weighed, dimensionally scrutinised, stamped and then dropped into the postman’s sack.

  UK: £12.50  btn_buynow_SM    Europe: £13.50   btn_buynow_SM     World: £15.00  btn_buynow_SM

Please note: all prices include packing and postage.
The album will come direct from us and is brand new.
All transactions are via Paypal.
Europe‘ includes the EU, Russian Federation, Turkey & Switzerland.
World‘ includes USA, Japan, Australia.

By the way, each album comes with a super-fun-for-all-of-the-family-laugh-a-minute A3 size board game where you make up the rules.

 NonStop Tango Game

On the reverse is a full script of the wonderful journey that Stavroula took through the looking glass.

Nonstop Tango - Unnatural Selection lyrics

What…? All that for only £10 (plus p&p)…?


OK. I’m in…

 UK: £12.50  btn_buynow_SM    Europe: £13.50   btn_buynow_SM     World: £15.00  btn_buynow_SM


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