Nonstop Tango live

Nonstop Tango is an Oxford-based Anglo-Greek-Polish anarcho-situationist Morton Feldman/Funkadelic mash-up flash-mob collective.
Fronted by vox-poptrix and lyric disassembler, Stavroula Kounadea, and square-bashed by the Dear Leader, Malcolm Atkins (He is the Red Sun in our hearts), we’ve recently released our ‘concept album’, (no – really; it’s a concept album) ‘Unnatural Selection’ in which our live set gets the benefit of a richly-textured narrative framework make-over woven around a surreal trip along Oxford’s Cowley Road as dreamed by Stavroula. This allows for the appearance of such Dear Leader-favoured luminaries as Erik Satie, John Cage, Morton Feldman and William Burroughs.


Well, you get the idea.

Those dabbling a hand in such murkily opaque waters include the following:

Stavroula Kounadea – voice, lyrics and vocal interventions.
Sam Kidel – guitar, electronics.
Malcolm Atkins – keyboards, violin, lyrics & backing vocals.
Jon Seagroatt – bass, saxophone, electronics.
Chris Hills – drums, dohl, tabla & whistling.

Honorary members: 
Miles Doubleday – vocals, lyrics, culinary advice and band image.
Pat Thomas – keyboards.

Past members:
Efthymios Chatzigiannis – guitar, electronics.
Dariusz Dziala – video projections.
Dom Lash – bass.



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